About Sky Vine Butterflies

Some of the best art in the world is either inspired by nature or is an effort to imitate nature. But there is nothing that comes close to the real thing! The detail and color cannot be duplicated. At art shows across the country the number one question is "are these real?"   Sky Vine uses real museum quality insects, mounted and presented with various backgrounds for a fine art presentation of nature. All the detail and colors of the butterflies and insects are their natural colors- nothing has been enhanced. The specimens are preserved to last a lifetime. All of our art includes butterflies and other insects that are raised to help rainforest conservation.  With over  900 thousand different kinds of living insects known on this earth, the imagination of the original designer and creator is huge! The insects are presented as fine art , rather than a science display, so that the beauty of these creatures can be appreciated outside the museum.   We have an ever changing gallery of art that will bring a calm, light hearted, peaceful and serene sense of elegance to your home or office.  The art also makes a perfect gift for any occassion- you know the receiver doesn't already have one!