Hanging the Greens

It is December 1st and just weeks before the Christmas Holiday. Yesterday was a beautiful day for outdoor decorating- a great day to hang the greens. Oh, there is nothing like the smell of fresh pine. Garlands swoop along the walkway and a big wreath greets all who come to celebrate the season. Seasonally colored butterflies circle in wreath fashion as you enter my home. The male Trogonotptera Brookiana is a remarkable birdwing butterfly- distinctive velvety black and rich metallic green with a dark red head and body. Also known as Rajah Brooke's Birdwing, discovered in Borneo in 1855, this is the national butterfly of Malaysia. The butterflies are powerful flyers traveling long distances with only 3 to 4 beats. Males are often found puddling near mineral springs congregating in large numbers or feeding on flowers of forest trees from sea level to 800 metres.  The Rainforest Wreath is a dramatic piece with these stunningly beautiful butterflies. It can be enjoyed all season and throughout the year, a warm reminder of the beauty found in the rainforest.

Peggy Jackson